The Poor Rat On The Street

The rat I saw by the street.

Looks so sickly, you wouldn't doubt.

Looks as pale as a pale ghost can be.

As sad as if its young has just perished.

Its eyes so mournful, I could almost cry.

What's that coming out of its eye?

A tear, a tear, I see a tear so fair and mournful, I start to weep.

Can this be true? Can this be true?

I would love to see you in a lovestruck home, where there is no worry and no problems.

Where you may sleep peacefully, without a care in the world.

Whether you should live or whether you should die, always know that you are by my side.

In my heart, to be true, I will always believe in you.

Say your prayers, say good night, don't be afraid to go to the light.

Safe and sound, in your little cage town, with your mother, your father, your grandmother, grandfather.

Goodbye sweet rat on the street.

Author: Bayla Blackstone

Bayla Blackstone is a 13 year old girl. She is dyslexic and she has the Autism Spectrum. The poem is based on a true story of what she witnessed on the street with a homeless family & their pets.


By Lindsay Pulman

Whispers of petals against whiskers,

Scents of flowers, and

The chiming of creek water over stream beds,

Thus are days spent in the meadows,

Across the Rainbow Bridge