Shoemakersville Rescue

In March 2014, a joint effort by animal rescuers in PA resulted in a major rescue of almost 200 domesticated pet rats that were being kept in deplorable, horrific conditions in Shoemakersville, PA.

We expect the final number saved to be 250 rats or even more.We have here at the PRLC with the babies that are being born over100 rats from the Shoemakersville hoarder rescue.

Many of the pet rats rescued so far are seriously injured and ill, and require costly medical care. Please donate for this, and also to help defray gas costs for transporting the healthy pet rats to various adopters across the country.

June/July 2014 Update on rescued Shoemakersville rats:

Rat-Nation of Pittsburgh has 85 of these rats in sanctuary in their shelter. 3 more Shoemakersville rats will be arriving from the Philly area around the July 4th weekend to total 88 of these rats calling it their home here in Pittsburgh. Injurys & illness's have been resolved & all the rats are doing extremely well. Many are overcoming social behavior & are now friendly, happy & well cared for daily. They are considered unadoptable & will in all likelyhood remain with us for their lives. Our biggest expense at our shelter is the cost of food to feed these rats on top of all the other PRLC rescue rats in the shelter. Rat-Nation Shelter rescue rats eat around 400 pounds of Harland every 10 weeks & on top of the Harlan we spend around $100.00 on Cheerios/cereals/noodles etc. for the rats a week. We do have some medical expense's in purchasing medicines/wound care items/Mite preventions etc. which we purchase off the internet keeping our expenses at a minium so as not to incur high vet bills for non life threatning daily care keeping the vet visits at a minium for emergency situations that are absolutely necessary.

This is a very expensive endeavor with many volunteering their time and personal resources.

Won't you please help give these sweet animals a better life than they have ever known before.

FOR THOSE WISHING TO DONATE: A NEW Pet Caring link has been created for donations via Paypal

Thank you !