Helpful information for visits to the vet

Dr Mike Hutchinson at Animal General encourages drop off appointments for his rat patients due to high demand. Drop off appointments involve Dr. Hutchinson examining your rat without you present when he can throughout the day. Please call ahead to arrange the time and date for the drop off and pick up.

Always type up a note with your name, the rats name, your phone number, and a detailed description and tape it to the carrier, for a drop off type of appointment.

-what the problem is

-what symptoms you have observed

-what, if anything, the rat is being treated with currently-physical description of the rat to be treated if there is a companion rat

This is very important information for the vets, as you will not be there to answer questions. Sometimes the vets, when looking at him, will contact you to ask a few questions, if necessary, so leave a number where you can be reached.

Check any surgical locations before leaving the office.

Always arrange for a follow-up “drop off” visit with Dr. Hutchinson in case additional treatment is needed.

If the rat is still having problems do not hesitate to call for further instructions.