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The Rat guide is a FANTASTIC collection of information concerning pet rats. (more info to come)

This is a great general knowledge site. It has a cage calculator to help determine the right size housing for all your Little ones. Also, it has recipes for homemade diet supplements and treats, just to name a few.

APLB << Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement >>

Karen Borga, APLB Certified

Assistant Host

Thursday night's west coast chat, 10-midnight eastern

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

The APLB has an extensive website filled with information about pet loss support in addition to regularly scheduled pet loss and anticipatory grief chatrooms:

Web Page Owner: Lisa Dunsey - Manager at The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club & Rescue

This is a page with rescue rats housed at Rat Nation of Pittsburgh Shelter which is a rat rescue in Pgh, PA working with The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club & Rescue we take in unadoptable rats for perm. sanctuary and rehomes adoptable rats. We post adoptable rats on this page & detail our rescues.

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  • Dr. Mike's (vet at Animal General) Radio Show

Dr. Mike show is on between 8 pm and 9 pm, Monday nights, KDKA radio AM 1020