Rat Supplies

The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers' Club

The Club is currently selling locally 5 Llb. ziplock bags of either Harlan 2014 Rat Block

or PROLAB RMH 1000 Rat Block. Both are similar Ingred. & are 14% Protein

You can purchase a 5lb bag of either type through the managers here at our club.

Price is $2.00 per pound - $10.00 for a 5lb. bag available at most anytime

Harlan can also be purchased as a entire 33lb bag from Lindsay with 2 wk advance notice

Prolab RMH can usually also be also be purchased as a entire 50 lb bag from Lisa with 3 wk advance notice

Price for entire bag of either Harlan or Prolab is $50

Lindsay Pulman is located in Sewickley : 724-234-7481

Lisa Dunsey is located in Upper St. Clair : 412-999-8178

Kelly Yann is located in Mt. Washington : 412-708-7919

Rat Attack Team

Designer cage accessories/hammocks for small animals.

Jan Stern



Rat Sac - Small Animal Hammocks




Profits from Jan's RatAttackTeam accessories are donated to The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club & Rescue

& other rat rescues in the US.