Rat Supplies

The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers' Club

The Club is currently selling locally 5 Llb. ziplock bags of either Harlan 2014  for all adult rats or Harlan 2018 for rats under 4 month's or nursing mothers.
You can purchase a 5lb bag of either type through the  managers here at our club.
Price is $2.00 per pound - $10.00 for a 5lb. bag
Lindsay Pulman is located in Sewickely : 724-234-7481
Lisa Dunsey is located in Upper St. Clair : 412-999-8178 
Kelly Yann is located in Mt. Washington :  412-708-7919
Dee Bolen is located in Bridgeville : 412-596-6853

Rat Attack Team
Designer cage accessories/hammocks for small animals.

Jan Stern
Rat Sac - Small Animal Hammocks

Profits from Jan's RatAttackTeam accessories are donated to The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club & Rescue
& other rat rescues in the US.

Martin's Cages
This is an online store that has a cage for all your rattie's needs from long-term housing to fantastic carrying cages. They are also willing to do special orders if your rat has special needs. They are located here in Pennsylvania and have reasonable pricing and shipping costs, in many cases cheaper than the big box pet stores. They are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the group.

Martin's Cages
4554 Marietta Avenue
Columbia, PA 17512

Call Toll Free: (888) 451-2234
Or call: (717) 684-1864
FAX: (717) 684-1868


Foy's Pet Supplies

Foy's is a great local supplier for a lot of your pet needs. He carries some Martin's cages, food, litter, wheels  and other odds and ends that will make your little fuzz balls very happy. Foy's do most of their business via catalog orders BUT is still very friendly to pick up orders as well. Click on the link to explore the 2008 catalog and place your order today! 

Foy's Pigeon Supplies 
3185 Bennett's Run Rd. 
Beaver Falls, PA  15010
Our office hours are: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. 
Call us TOLL-FREE at 1-877-355-7727 
FAX us at 724-843-6070

Live outside the U.S.?
call  +011 724-843-6889
(toll charges may apply)

North Penn Feed

2025 Ridge Rd.
Perkasie, PA 18994

They are a great resource for full 33lb bags of Harlan Teklad  As of November 2009 they are no longer accepting credit cards.

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