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Long Evans Rats (lab rats)

Kelly was contacted by Emily from Washington and Jefferson College, about psych rat placement. This is the same group as two years ago. They have 66 lab rats left over.

I think these will be the same Long Evans hoodies as last time, and probably 3 to 4 months old.

I will sort out the details, how many of which gender, etc and let you all know what the status is.

Anyone who has interest in adopting or fostering, contact us : Managers@pittsburghratloversclub.org

About Long Evans rats :

     - Bred for:
  • Long life span
  • Very resistant to Mycoplasma
  • Very intelligent
  • Superior eyesight
Coat Color : White with black hood; occasionally white with brown hood
Strain of choice for psychology classes
Good maternal characteristics
Males may need neutered as they mature, for pair or group housing, depends on the individual personalities.  
UPDATE 5-3-15: Two males, brothers, who were brought in started fighting so badly they had to be separated into single housing. On the other hand, 3 brothers, adopted, are living together easily. Interested adopters, please prepare for the possibiilty of single housing for life, or plan on neutering. They will need single housing until neutered and for 6 weeks afterward. Then reintroduce. If you want to switch to females, please let me know. Lindsay  pulman2@comcast.net
Are more hyper active and less submissive than typical PEW lab rats
They may be Specific Pathogen Free, I will find out.


Since last posting our warning about the Sendai virus being confirmed in Cincinnati Ohio we have been in contact with people who recently informed us of illness in their rats that are showing all the clinical symptoms of Sendai. Here are the locations that these virus are currently in as told to us by the owners of the rats who became/are ill:

Cincinnati, Ohio ( confirmed from testing )

New Jersey ( Vineland Vacinity)

Quebec, Canada

Jamestown, New York

Rising Sun, Maryland

Pittsburgh, Pa (The North Hills Vacinity)

Winchester, VA

La Porte, Indiana

Atlanta, GA

Cleveland, Ohio

Lancaster, PA

Arora, Colorado

South Florida


Beziers, France ( South )


Lynhurst, Ohio


Campbellsville, Kentucky


Knoxville, Tennessee ( Confirmed by vet )


Danbury, Conneticut


North Dartmouth,Massachusetts



Virus is showing up as far South as Georgia,

Northwest in Colorado and various parts of the Northeast

it is moving rapidly throughout the US.

Click Here to have more information about the sendai virus (symptoms, quarantine, advice...)


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     PRLC adoptable Rat photo of the week 
This is "Ford" ! He is a young brown hooded male. He was recently rescued by PRLC when a homeowner trapped him in a live cage out in their yard. He had been seen living outside for at least 5 days prior to the homeowners catching him & calling us. He is currently in quarantine for a 3 week period until June 10, 2015.
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