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The goal of the Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club and Rescue is to promote the well being of rats through education, rescue, and adoption.

We are based out of Western Pennsylvania, but have members around the globe. We have two websites that we use to help spread information. This is our official website that contains a lot of great educational resources including the 
group's informational handout.

You can also find additional links to some great educational sites, suppliers, and fun activities.
We can also be found within Google Groups at Here you can use your Google Account to log into and participate in our active message boards. All you need is a verified Google account to apply for membership.

For additional info on how to become a member please read out member guidelines.

Have a question? Email the club's managers at

     Shoemakersville Rescue

In March 2014, a joint effort by animal rescuers in PA resulted in a major rescue of almost 200 domesticated pet rats that were being kept in deplorable, horrific conditions in Shoemakersville, PA.

We expect the final number saved to be 250 rats or even more. We have here at the PRLC with the babies that are being born over 100 rats from the Shoemakersville hoarder rescue.

Many of the pet rats rescued so far are seriously injured and ill, and require costly medical carePlease donate for this, and also to help defray gas costs for transporting the healthy pet rats to various adopters across the country.

This is a very expensive endeavor with many volunteering their time and personal resources. Won't you please help give these sweet animals a better life than they have ever known before?
FOR THOSE WISHING TO DONATE: A NEW Pet Caring link has been created for donations via Paypal
Thank you !


Rat Attack Team
Designer cage accessories/hammocks for small animals

Animal Nature
A regular PRLC foster spot, selling only the best in safe and healthy pet supplies!

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    How to help us ?

Our association is taking care every day  more than 200 rats. And we have regularly new rats abandoned, or rescued that we take in here at PRLC.

Each donations help us to buy food, pay the veterinarian care, buy new materials and make sure they live in very good conditions.
If you want to make a donation
through Pay Pal please use

You can also help us by being a foster home.
For more information please contact :

Thank you !
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