The goal of the Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club and Rescue is to promote the well being of rats through education, rescue, and adoption.

We are based out of Western Pennsylvania, but have members around the globe. We have two websites that we use to help spread information. This is our official website that contains a lot of great educational resources including the 
group's informational handout.

You can also find additional links to some great educational sites, suppliers, and fun activities.
We can also be found within Google Groups at Here you can use your Google Account to log into and participate in our active message boards. All you need is a verified Google account to apply for membership.

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All the rats for adoption here.

Erie Rat Rescue Fundraiser

Update 12/14/2017 on The Erie Rescue

Thank You to everyone who has donated to The Erie Rescue Rats!
There are 19 adult Erie Rescue Rats that were not adopted & have now been sanctuaried at Rat Nation of Pittsburgh Shelter here at PRLC. Any remaining baby rats not adopted too will also be sancturied here too.
Thanks also to the many people who have adopted Erie Rescue Rats & baby rats these past few months!
And a Big Thank You to Jessica Kellogg Director of The French Creek Animal Shelter in Erie
for working hard these past few months to catch all these Domestic pet rats up in Erie

I still have left about 30 adoptable Baby Rats ( Male & Female ) born from the 9 adult females that were caught in Erie that all had litters, they were born in October, 2017.
Email Lisa at if you would like to know more about adoption.
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Years from Lisa & Lindsay from PRLC
We couldn't have done this rescue without help from all of you!

The Erie Rescue :   We have a Pet Rat Rescue going on in Erie, Pa. involving dozens if not hundreds of Domestic Rats that were let loose & are running freely in a older woman's home inside & outside. The woman was throwing food out daily & allowing the rats to breed without catching them or alerting anyone to assist her. Officials in the area were notified by complaints of neighbors of the large amounts of  Domestic rats running rampart for all to clearly see in the very cluttered & disheveled home... read more


Thank you for all the photos submissions, we had a lot this year! The calendar is $8 if picked up in person or $16 if mailed. Calendars will be available early  December. 

Click here to order a calendar.

    New on the website How to feed orphaned baby rats or mice

Investigating animal abuse

If you see abuse in a pet store or other site, do not react at all, just walk right past the offending cage or tank. Stroll around, pick up some inexpensive pet supplies for fish, or for some other unrelated species. Spend a few minutes looking at the fish or some other species. Keep an eye on the store employees, and when they are busy elsewhere in the store, stroll back to the tank or cage and quickly take some photos of the animals and cage or tank with your cell phone. 

Be observant and remember how many cages or tanks, the approximate size, about how many animals in each, what the issues are (filthy conditions, too many animals in the tank or cage, injured, sick or dead animals in the tank or cage, no water or food readily available ….

Then, casually stroll back to the check out counter and purchase the small items you picked up, as a cover. Do not react, nor say anything to anybody.

Then, alert us immediately. Send the photos, and all the details that you observed, and we will get the humane officers on the case immediately.


Since last posting our warning about the Sendai virus being confirmed everywhere in the US we have been in contact with people who recently informed us of illness in their rats that are showing all the clinical symptoms of Sendai.

Click Here to have more information about the sendai virus (symptoms, quarantine, advice...)

   Help us spread the word : "Foster home needed"

We are looking for committed volunteers to serve as foster home to rats. To help us, print the poster and ask your veterinary, shelter or any place pet related if you can hang our poster. Thank you !

If you want to be foster home : PRLC provides food, cage and veterinary care, you provide the attention and affection these rescues need while they are waiting for their forever homes. If you have room in your heart and home to foster rats, email us at : 


Rat Attack Team
Designer cage accessories/hammocks for small animals. More here


A rat rescue in Pgh, Pa working also with PRLC that takes in unadoptable rats for perm. sanctuary and rehomes adoptable rats. Like us on Facebook!


Click here to see all partners

    How to help us ?

Our association is taking care every day of numerous. And we have regularly new rats abandoned, or rescued that we take in here at PRLC.

Each donations help us to buy food, pay the veterinarian care, buy new materials and make sure they live in very good conditions.
If you want to make a donation
through Pay Pal please use

You can also help us by being a foster home.
For more information please contact :

Thank you !
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